Corporate & Mission

Enofrigo was established in 1978. The history of the company has been characterised by the capacity of projecting and realising the most elegant and innovative solutions in foodservice field.

Nowadays the company, following an ongoing gradual growth, is present in the market with over 65 employees and a 10000 square meters productive area.

A long-time experience in foodservice and firm attention to eco-sustainability merge and allow Enofrigo to be an excellent partner for facing any challenge in

The company is specialised in projecting and manufacturing refrigerating, hot and neutral units for foodservice dinings rooms. It has been always looking for high-quality innovative technologic solutions in gastro-buffets, in catering, restaurant and hotel showcases, in bakery and supermarket shops.


Enofrigo obtained UNI EN ISO 9001 certification and UL 471, NSF/ANSI 7 certifications.

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