ENOGALAX is the most advanced solution in the universe of wine bottle displays and storage cabinets, thanks to its technology, design and flexibility.
Born as a result of an extraordinary planning and productive investment made by ENOFRIGO in collaboration with an internationally renowned designer, ENOGALAX is a modern system that allows almost infinite solutions and compositions, from small single modules to the dream wine-room.

ENOGALAX is conceived to meet new consumption needs and different ways of interacting with the wine world: trendy wine-bars and prestigious international hotels, classic restaurants and new places for leisure, historic wine shops and food temples, cruise ships, yachting and exclusive houses.
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  • Colour Variables

    • Aluminium Satin Grey
      Aluminium Satin Grey
    • Semi Glossy black
      Semi Glossy black
    • Option - Other Colours
      Option - Other Colours
    • Bianco Lucido
      Bianco Lucido
    • Grigio Genere
      Grigio Genere
    • Option - Special Glass
      Option - Special Glass