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Forty years of passion and unmistakable, elegant and innovative solutions. Enofrigo makes the lives of catering professionals a whole lot easier while also guaranteeing wine consumers the best possible experience.


R290 is a wise choice!

Enofrigo is committed to sustainable development. We are constantly improving the efficiency of our production processes to develop better products and to reduce energy consumption.

GUSTUS Naples 2019

We will be present at GUSTUS 2019, professional exhibition of food, wine and food and technology.

NAPLES overseas exhibition from 17 to 19 November 2019

We look forward to seeing you at
PAD. 2 – Stand 1040-1041-1042

EXP’HÔTEL Bordeaux 2019

We will be present at EXP’HÔTEL Bordeaux 2019, the fair of hoteliers and professional catering.

24 – 26 November 2019
at the Bordeaux Exhibition Park


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years of "Made in Italy" excellence


The range of our solutions

Forty years of “Made in Italy” excellence on the part of restaurateurs and designers

A complete catalogue of solutions for every service and operational requirement in the Food And Beverage sector.

From bars, wine bars, restaurants and patisseries to cafeterias and self-service facilities; from small, medium and large retail operations to large ships: Enofrigo is the Italian partner of choice for all types of excellent solutions, with our stand-alone products and our drop-in line used to implement custom requirements to customer and partner specifications.


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Enofrigo i.Am. The new generation of wine display cabinets.

The i.Am is a high performance professional wine display cabinet: a Class A electrical appliance entirely Made in Italy. Maximum capacity, customizability, and bottles displayed to perfection, now in a unit less than 60 cm deep. The unmistakable, traditional wine cabinet for the future from Enofrigo.


Our products have always been used in the establishments you know well. Think about it.

Forty years of “Made in Italy” excellence on the part of restaurateurs and designers.

We combine tailored flexibility with adherence to the highest industry standards, supporting the evolving requirements of catering clientele and the needs of designers and consultants to freely express their design flair with distinction.

A commitment demonstrated by the widespread use of Enofrigo solutions.