Enofrigo, design and functionality for the catering sector

Forty years of passion and unrivalled, innovative and elegant solutions designed to improve the lives of professionals and service quality to customers and users.

Our history

Founded in 1978, the history of ENOFRIGO is characterised by the determination of people capable of designing and producing the most innovative and elegant solutions for all service-related needs in the world of professional catering.

Today, having experienced continuous growth in Italy and abroad, the Company proposes its solutions to the professionals of the sector with a solid production capacity assured by more than 65 employees in its 10,000 square metre facility and an enduring goal to remain LEADER.

At Enofrigo, passion, professionalism, experience and constant attention to eco-sustainability come together, enabling us to present ourselves as an excellent partner to face the challenges of professionals in the catering equipment, decor and design sectors.

Quality and reliability

The company specialises in the design and production of refrigerated, neutral and heated units for furnishing professional restaurant dining areas. We supply solutions acknowledged for the highest quality and reliability, continuously pursuing innovation in terms of technology and design, in gastro-buffets and display cabinets for catering facilities, restaurants, hotels, delicatessens and supermarkets.


The components we use have very little impact on the environment because minimum energy is needed to use them and maximum benefit can be derived from recycling them.

We consider product development to be of fundamental importance, and we are constantly searching for new ways to reduce our environmental impact. We always keep one objective in mind: to develop better and more sustainable products.

Our streamlined industrial production system is geared up to optimise efficiency and ecological performance, while our high efficiency processes
are designed to reduce pollution and waste and to maximise recycling.

To encourage responsibility and active participation, we give our custom- ers/users all the information they need about our products and the changes we make to improve performance. In this way they can use them more efficiently and dispose of them in a more ecological way at the end of their life.

R290 with on board motor
is a wise choice!

Regulations are changing, R290 is a wise choice, here it is why:

  • hydrocarbon is a naturally occurring refrigerant.
  • high efficency (up to 15% more efficient than R134a), designed for performance and longevity.
  • ZERO Ozone depletion potential and very low Global Warming Potential (3 GWP).

Global Warming Potential