Modularity at the service of taste

From a single module to a complete, diversified and innovative wine room, ENOGALAX is the ultimate expression of the art of composition.

The result of collaboration between ENOFRIGO and an internationally famous designer, ENOGALAX is an evolved system that combines technology, design and flexibility to deliver an infinite range of modular solutions. Modules can be supplied naked for installation in pre-furnished spaces, fitted with a vast range of standard body finishes, or personalised to match any kind of environment, from international grand hotel to local wine bar, from classic restaurant to old-world wine cellar, or from cruise ship to private residence.

The modular dimensions of all elements permit installation in innumerable different configurations to suit all space, display and storage needs. Displays can be configured single or double sided, and with on-board or remote motor. Shelves can be repositioned easily for maximum versatility and to optimise either capacity or visibility.

Total freedom of arrangement

Each module is offered either “naked”, to be integrated in existing furnishings, or “dressed”, with a wide range of serial and custom-made finishes that can suit any ambiance. If the space furniture changes, all it needs is changing the dress.

Modular system

All the system elements are sized according to a modularity criterion so that it is possible to create an infinite number of configurations for any kind of space and displaying/conservation need: they can be mono and bi-facial and have on board or remote engine.


A “spatial” system

ENOGALAX creates space and favours operations: it helps dividing and screening areas, creating different zones inside the same room or even large autonomous spaces, without building walls.

More space for contents

A versatile system of easily repositioned shelves and the absence of grilles and cooling devices that protrude into the bottle compartment permit full use of available space, maximise functionality and practicality and ensure easy access to contents.

An extremely innovative frame design

Minimalist, with a considerable thickness, it creates a particular light and shade effect highlighting the dis- played products. An elegant recessed handle provides an excellent grip and avoids annoying protrusions to- wards the user. Integrated LED lightning: natural and Amber colour (optional). Integrated lock and recessed handle (right or left-handed).

Single or Pass Through

Single (Wall) or Pass through (Island) exposure for maximum capacity or better visibility of the bottle. Each display cabinet can be opened with glass doors either from one side, with a fixed back (blind or glass-topped – Optional), or from both sides.

The shelf system

The shelf system permits great flexibility and adapts to different exhibition displays. Users can choose their preferred composition, favouring either capacity or visibility. Shelves made in polycarbonate and stainless steel can be positioned at different heights and they can be reclinated. Fully removable shelves for easy cleaning (dishwasher compatible).

Colour options

The unit’s door frames are made of silver anodized aluminium.

Semi-Glossy Black

Brushed Aluminium Grey

Laminated wood
optional colours



Single side**


Pass through*


Single side**


Pass through*


Single side**


Pass through*

* Available also in Wall version
** Available also in Pass Trough version

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