Fast Gourmet

Fast Gourmet, fresh and healthy products instantly accessible

Great taste that everyone can access

Enofrigo presents Fast Gourmet, a neutral, refrigerated buffet bar line for innovative sales displays. This kind of buffet bar allows the store customer to rapidly and autonomously prepare a customized menu, choosing from cooked foods, salads and various types of condiments.

Choose, Weight, Taste

Speed and Quality are the buzzwords for Enofrigo’s Fast Gourmet models – people who don’t have much time for a lunch break but who don’t want to miss out on enjoying a tasty meal, will find a wide assortment of ready-to-eat foods.

Just select, weigh and go to the till. No queuing, with total freedom of choice and the option to eat in or take out.

The right accessories

Everything customers need for choosing and preparing their own menus needs to be easily accessible.

Enofrigo Fast Gourmet buffet bars have spaces for take-away trays, sauces and condiments, and are pre-configured for weighing scales and other accessories. The ingredients book is in a prominent position so that customers can consult it easily. Price tags are highly visible and aligned with product wells.

Choose your own combinations

Island and double island modules can be assembled in any combination to create large- scale Fast Gourmet zones too.

Refrigerated (RF and VTRF) wells come in GASTRONORM 3, 4, 5, 6 sizes and container supports allow infinite combinations in 1/2, 1/3 or 1/4 GN formats.



A sensor reads when a customer approaches (not passing by) and the canopy lifts automatically.


When the customer walks away the canopy lowers automatically.

Standard equipment

  • LED lightning
  • Perimetral shelf
  • Price tag strips
  • Bottle holder
  • Power socket
  • Weighing scale zone
  • Condensate collection tank


  • Wooden structure
  • Wooden laminate tops
  • Wells in AISI 304 stainless steel or quartz-resin agglomerate refrigerating/heating tops
  • Shatterproof tempered glass display cabinet
  • Digital control of well temperature
  • Legs

Available colours

Grey Ash

Laminated wood
optional colours


Fast Gourmet Isola SVT Fissa

Fast Gourmet Isola

Fast Gourmet Servito

Fast Gourmet Wall

Fast Gourmet Doppio


Fast Gourmet Isola SVT Fissa

Fast Gourmet Isola

Fast Gourmet Servito

Fast Gourmet Wall

Fast Gourmet Doppio

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