Born to be wide

Innovative buffet islands of generous dimensions, designed to satisfy the needs of large hotels for maximum functionality, practicality and elegant styling.

The islands comprise a spacious, single level, quartz top with hot and cold areas in the middle. The clear glass covers are mounted on a single central column and provide all-round visibility as well as easy access for a large number of people.


An extensive choice of materials allows these islands to be customised to match any interior design and furnishing style: solid woods for the corners, laminates in a range of colours and shades for the side panels plus other optional materials and custom paint finishes.

LED illumination
The worktop is illuminated by LED lighting to keep food at the right temperature and ensure perfect visibility.


  • Customizable front panels and corners
  • Special color wooden laminate side panels


  • Side panels in “Madagascar” wooden laminate
  • Side and front panels in “Snow” wooden laminate


The islands come in three different configurations (linear with two hot or cold service areas, triangular with 3 areas or rectangular with 4 areas). Totally unique on today’s market, these islands are practical, standard products that are easy to install in any room. Their versatile design allows them to be customised to meet specific food serving needs and dining room layouts.

Available colours

“Quarzo” Top

White – B
Black – N

Side panel / Front panel

Snow – B
Madagascar – W
Scandinavian – C


RAL 8019


Other colours are available upon request

Stainless Steel Deep Wells and Tops

AISI 304 stainless steel wells for 6 GN 1/1 containers with digital control of well temperature. High-quality quartz-resin agglomerate top frame.

“Quarzo” worktop

The island’s worktop is in special compound made from extremely pure quartz with a minimum quantity of completely non-toxic resin. This advanced material produces a strong, extremely hygienic worktop with exactly the right thermal conductivity for whatever hot or cold areas are needed.

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